Flat Rooflight Inside View
Increase Natural Daylight With Rooflights

on 11/02/2014

Rooflights offer twice as much daylight than vertical windows FACT:

Lack of daylight may cause sleep disturbance, stress, obesity, fatigue and depression studies have shown.

As we spend 90% of our time inside its important that our environment is both healthy and comfortable.

Adding a rooflight to a flat roof not only improves the living standards in a room but really opens up the outside allowing natural light to flood in, giving a new dynamic to another wise boring roof space.

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Flat Skylights
Multiple Order Discounts

on 28/01/2014

Customers looking to order more than one rooflight should speak to our sales team about multiple order discounts.

We often tender for multiple order contracts ranging from an order of 3 rooflights to an order for 50 rooflights.

Contact us today and let us know your requirements, we are flexible and like multiple orders.

To save on heavy lifting, crane hire and transport issues as well as maximum manufacture sizes etc many customers order three or four rooflights to install in a line with equal gaps in between to give an interesting architectural look. (As seen on the left)

There are companies that offer 6mtr x 2mtr flat rooflights but the prices are mortgage material, when a set of three 2mtr x 1mtr rooflights equally spaced will do the job at a fraction of the cost and are available within 10 days.

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Slimline Roof Lanterns
All You Need To Know About Skylights, Rooflights & Roof Lanterns

on 20/01/2014

Let There Be Light – All You Need To Know About Skylights, Rooflights & Roof Lanterns

The main reason to install a rooflight is to open up a dark or gloomy room and let the natural light come flooding in. It’s the perfect, relatively low-cost solution to making uninhabitable spaces eminently liveable – for instance extensions, garages or side rooms that have little or no windows.

They come with all the features you would expect from a conservatory. So, for example, roof windows are constructed to prevent up to 99% of damaging ultra-violet radiation seeping through to protect floors and furniture. You can also have triple glazed skylights which means you also get the best U-value performance possible (U-value being a heat-loss ratio) which can cut heat-loss by up to 80% compared to standard double-glazing.

Tinted rooflights reduce glare

Another excellent feature of roof lanterns in our modern times is the optional addition of blue tinted glass. This gives the roof light a darker appearance from the exterior, but from inside the room it reduces the glare of direct sunlight whilst still providing a pleasant light for the room.

Low maintenance roof windows

When it comes to cleaning, yet another fantastic design element in our skylights is the special coating they have that reduces the need to get up on to that roof to clean it. And for those who like their guarantees – all our roof lanterns and skylight come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty, and a 20 year warranty on the unit seals that encase the glass to the frames.

So, for those who have that annoying room that can’t be used – now’s the time to see the light and let your skylight do the rest.

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New Colour Upgrades Available

Our Contemporary Slimline Roof Lanterns are Available in a Choice of Colours from White, Dark Grey & Black

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